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    ATL’s Booney, SmiffnWe$ Join Forces For “Still Dreamin”

    Booney and SmiffnWe$ joined forced for a collaborative project. In fact, collab albums between two artists are a lost art. I’m not sure if it’s an ego thing, but I don’t see them happening as often as I used to. Good things come in two, and that’s why some of my favorite all-time albums happen to be collab albums. Albums like Without Warning, WATTBA, and The Carters turned out great because they contained 2 similar-minded, yet talented artists. If you already have amazing chemistry with someone, why not take it a step further and combine your talents for a joint project?

    Dreams Don’t Die

    Somebody must’ve been reading my mind because my wish has finally come true. From the south side of Atlanta, rising artist Booney teamed up with his friend, SmiffnWe$, for their joint project, Still Dreamin. It’s like the best of both worlds, having two dope artists with completely different sounds. They both brought the best out of each other on this 9-song E.P.

    These young artists will learn one day to lean on their peers. But I have to commemorate and show love to the ones already doing it. With a title like Still Dreamin’, this release will have you rooting for the underdogs. This duo has big music dreams and doesn’t mind spreading the wealth to reach their common goal.

    Equal Shine

    When it comes to the actual music, the one word that describes it best is balance. They both equally share the spotlight and let each other properly shine on this release. There are no instances where one tries to be selfish with the moment or dim the other rapper’s light. Even though they aren’t an official group, these two seriously remind me of Outkast on this release. They have the ability to bounce off each other while simultaneously having a friendly rivalry. The duo competes to outdo each other, which is just iron sharpening iron.

    If there is one song that I can guarantee, leave a stain on your brain is #7 “Still At It”. Neither one of them is playing around when it comes to spitting hot bars on this track. Once Smiff sets the table with his gentle, “pick-you-apart” rhymes, Booney proceeds to flip the table with his reckless bars. Then they just go back-and-forth cruising on this late-night beat.

    Hopefully, more artists can learn from the duo and apply it to their careers. This project introduced me to SmiffnWe$ music, while at the same time confirming my belief that Booney is the future of Atlanta rap. What’s your favorite song from this joint album?


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