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    Who’s Better? The Beatles Or Outkast?

    There’s a lot of debate over which era produced the best type of music. The rap community has certainly been at war over the old school rappers and the mainstream emcees. Though, when it comes who’s the best musical band, Twitter has one solid answer. When Chopped 420 host Ron Funches made a comparison between the The Beatles and Outkast, social media argued there wasn’t any competition. According to Twitter, Outkast takes the crown as being one of the greatest bands of all time.

                             The Beatles or Outkast?

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    Chopped 420 host Ron Funches triggered a huge response from fans after his latest post on Twitter. Sunday night, the host took to social media to say, “When society admits Outkast is better than The Beatles then we truly start healing.” Rather than people simply liking the post, many fans started a debate about the two rivalry bands.

    Several fans noted that The Beatles stole their musical style from other black entertainers. Allegations of musical plagiarism appeared in the comments. Others just outright believed there’s no competition between the two. One fan tweeted “People comparing Outkast and The Beatles but I never seen The Beatles write anything close to the level of Andre 3000 blessed us with.” Clearly, this fan believes Outkast wins as the best band ever.

    While several people have condemned The Beatles for plagiarism, others simply didn’t understand the comparison. “I don’t get why people are criticizing The Beatles, and I especially don’t understand the comparison between Outkast and The Beatles. How and why? The Beatles were influenced by Black Rock & R&B artists, but comparing Outkast to The Beatles as if Funk didn’t exist? Sometimes people on the internet go too far.”

                                     Their Legacy

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    Fans obviously believed that Outkast could out beat The Beatles any day. Even though the Atlanta-based band basically won over Twitter, both acts have noble merits. The Beatles sold 600 million copies of their records worldwide, making them one of the bestselling musical acts. Additionally, Outkast sold 25 million records and even took home 3 Grammy Awards. Clearly, both bands have led huge legacies in the music business.

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