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    Apple Releases Fix for Overheating iPhone 15 Issue

    Following complaints that users of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max smartphones were too hot to handle. The company released an iOS 17 update to address the problem. The update went public today and provides important bug fixes and security updates.

    Apple releases a fix for overheating.

    It also addresses an issue that may cause the iPhone to run warmer than expected. The problems with the new iPhones appear to go beyond that typical behavior. Many users complained that their phones got too hot after only a few minutes of use.

    Prompting Apple to acknowledge the issue and promise a software fix. In a statement to CNET, Apple cited a software bug in iOS 17 and recent updates to some third-party apps. Such as Meta’s Instagram and Uber, which overloaded the system.

    They added that the aluminum and titanium frame does not add to the overheating issue. Despite the fact that the material does not dissipate heat as well as the edges of older iPhones. While the overheating problem frustrates users, it’s not a safety risk.

    It shouldn’t hurt the long-term performance of affected devices. They have internal protections that keep them from operating too hot. Apple says it will provide more details on the overheating issue with a future iOS update. They work with the developers of affected third-party apps to resolve the problem.

    A separate update to Instagram is in the works and should be released shortly, and Uber is already working on a fix for its app. Those who own an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max can download the latest version of the iOS operating system. Apple will then push the update to all affected devices automatically.

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