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    iPhone 15s Overheating Issues: Apple Blames iOS 17 Bugs and Third-Party Apps

    Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models have been overheating for some users. Days after the phones went on sale, people started sharing stories of their devices getting so hot that they could barely hold them or even use them. Some used infrared thermometers to show the phones’ temperatures were over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The iPhone 15s Overheating Problems

    The company responded by acknowledging the issue. They’re aware that some customers have experienced warmer than expected phone behavior. It said a software bug is causing the phones to run more intensively than usual and that it will be addressed in an iOS update.

    Apple also acknowledged that some third-party apps, including Instagram, Uber and Asphalt 9 are causing the A17 Pro chip to overwork. It says it’s working with these app developers on fixes that will release soon. Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms, already rolled out a fix last week.

    Apple pushed back on reports that the phones’ titanium frame is causing them to get hotter than previous iPhones with stainless steel frames. It said the metal actually helps the phones dissipate heat more efficiently. They claim that the high-power USB-C chargers aare also to blame.

    Apple states the phones work with up to 20 watts of power and have built-in protection against overheating. Despite all of these factors, it’s still not clear exactly what is causing the overheating. It’s possible that the A17 Pro chip runs more intensively than previous chips and that the new titanium frame is making that more noticeable.

    Or maybe it’s just a combination of all of these things. Whatever the exact cause, it’s certainly not good news for anyone who has an iPhone 15. It’s not the kind of damage that you want to see from a smartphone you’re paying a lot of money for.

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