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    Andy Dalton Signs Deal With The Dallas Cowboys

    Andy Dalton is Going to Dallas

    Andy Dalton just signed a one-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys to be their back up quarterback. The deal guarantees $3 million and has an additional possible $4 million in bonuses. This comes shortly after Dalton was released by the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Why Dalton Signed with Dallas

    Some might be wondering why Dalton decided to send it down to Dallas, but he is actually originally from Texas. It’s clear he still has ties there, as he lives in Dallas during the offseason. Going back home is always a great thing, especially during the current circumstances.

    Shortly after signing the deal, Andy took to Adam Schefter’s’ podcast to discuss his reasoning. Apparently he had options from multiple other teams on the table but felt that signing with Dallas would be the best option for his long term plans.

    Dalton sites the fact that he wanted to sign a deal with a high-class organization that is set to win. The Cowboys have a long history and a high powered offense that meets both of the criteria.

    How this Effects Dak Prescott

    Some people were surprised at the signing of Dalton since Dak Prescott has yet to sign a major deal with the team. Dez Bryant posted on twitter, discussing this very point.

    But in reality, Dak should have nothing to worry about. There’s no chance that Dalton will take his starting position. Dak is only 26 years old and put up solid numbers last year, especially when put in comparison to Dalton. Instead, Andy will be able to help provide a solid second option if Dak is unable to play or needs some relief.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes down to it this was a smart call for both Andy Dalton and the Dallas Cowboys. Dalton gets a chance to back home and be involved with a solid organization. He simply has to be the backup QB for 16 games and gets $3 million, which doesn’t sound too bad to me. Whereas Dallas gets a good second option for Prescott. Having a backup QB that can still perform definitely doesn’t hurt, just look at the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018.

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Do you think this was the right call for Andy Dalton and the Dallas Cowboys? Do you think Dalton will play at all this year, and if so how do you expect him to perform?

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