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    AfroSoul Artist Peter Jericho Brings Black Excellence To Chicago

    Afro Soul artist Peter Jericho is at the forefront of diversity and community when it comes to the ever growing music scene. As an established singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist, he combines African, R&B, pop and contemporary Makossa into his sound. Also as a man of Cameroonian decent and a native of Chicago, Peter Jericho is passionate about his culture and community.

    Peter’s single “Black Excellence” is a powerful and heartfelt tribute to Black culture. Inspiring fans and creatives everywhere, it lead to the creation of The Black Excellence Music Expo. In a collaborative effort with B.E.M.E, this expo is aimed at providing awareness and empowerment through the use of Arts & Entertainment.

    “We want to support the youth and direct them out of the streets and into the studio,” Ruby, a member of B.E.M.E stated.

    The First Black Excellence Music Expo in Chicago

    With Peter Jericho headlining the expo, the line up featured some of Chicago’s rising stars in music. Jericho stated “We know there’s a lot of talent in Chicago period”, as he gave meaning behind the expo. Talented artists like Jana Gee, Nola Ade, Timmy F., Naglaá and Kordy Blakka rocked the stage. Coupled with sounds of R&B, rap, hip-hop, Afrobeats and spoken word, fans enjoyed a phenomenal show.

    The First Black Excellence Music Expo in Chicago

    In addition to giving memorable performances, each artist had a moment to reflect on what black excellence means to them.

    “Black Excellence is unapologetically being yourself,” Timmy F said.

    Artist Jana Gee added “It’s about doing what you love to do and owning it.”

    Each artist not only showcased their talent but they showcased the power of black excellence. Although this was the first Black Excellence Expo in Chicago, both Peter Jericho and Ruby stated that they “want to look for other artist to feature on the platform”.

    You can check out the B.E.M.E Instagram page to see more from all of the artist involved.

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