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    Action Bronson Dropped Some Weight Fast

    Action Bronson Shares Weight Loss Journey 

    Chef and rapper Action Bronson had a recent interview with Men’s Health to discuss his weight loss transformation. 

    Action’s fun-loving spirit and artistic creativity were put to the test this year. Although he neared 400 pounds before, he made great progress over the past nine months. During the pandemic, he shed 127 pounds locked down in New York City. 

    “I’ve been a big boy my whole life and it got out of control,” he told the magazine. “My whole career was about living a fast, tough life.” And I got myself together and here we are in December and I’m 249 pounds this morning—shredded!”

    When Action’s Day Starts

    The rapper says that he wakes up at 4:30 a.m. each morning. Before and after each workout, he prepares two servings of scrambled eggs and a protein shake. Next, Action consumes one portion then works out. His protein shake contains fruit, olive oil, almonds, almond milk and protein.

    By the end of the day, Action ends his day light. Most days, soup is on the menu paired with chicken and broccoli. He surely gets in his fair share of protein. 

    Sweet Tooth No More

    In order to prevent himself from unhealthy snacking, Action packs some roasted nuts with honey and spiced with cayenne and cinnamon for the road. Action credits his “willpower,” which keeps him from trying to obtain snacks. He admits that it was difficult to refrain from having a cake for his recent birthday. 

    “It’s hard to have dessert,” he explained. “You become unconscious when you’re eating that stuff. You can’t gauge the size and what the impact has. The smallest thing could be the worst thing in the world.”

    Fans have witnessed Action Bronson’s lively workout sessions via his Instagram. What other things will Action challenge himself to do in the future?

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