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    5-Year-Old Girl Calms Mom’s Panic Attack With Simple Technique

    Stress and confusion create an atmosphere conducive to spontaneous panic episodes. Calmness during turbulent times can significantly impact events. Kimberlee was able to reclaim control after a brief spell of anxiety, thanks to her daughter.

    The mother and daughter embarked upon their usual journey until something unexpected transpired. Overwhelmed by emotion and unable to take steady breaths, the mother succumbed to panic. Next, something so moving took place that even the toughest felt their emotions thawing.

    5 year old calms mum down during a panic attack 🥺

    This little girl is amazing 🥺❤️

    Posted by Tyla on Tuesday, July 4, 2023

    Displaying an uncommon level of insight at such a young age, the 5-year-old responded to her mom’s troubles by taking the initiative. Tenderly touching her mom’s shaking hand, she whispered, “Mommy, shall we practice deep breathing… just like the colors of the rainbow?”

    Still caught up in worries, the mother barely mustered a nod. A girl showed her mom how to do “rainbow breathing” using her innocence and faith. It’s a powerful technique.

    With that explanation, the girl went further:

    “To begin, let’s practice gently drawing air inside, just like when we admire something wonderful – such as a fragrant bouquet – via measured sips rather than hasty gasps.”

    Following suit, Mother focused intently while consciously filling her lungs. Racing thoughts slowed by the straightforwardness of the instructions she received.

    After that, she added,

    “Similar to blowing out birthday candles, we breathe out slowly…”

    Slowly unraveling its grasp on her, the tension allowed the mother some sense of relief.

    Repeatedly inhaling an imaginary flower’s calming presence while exhaling concerns like snuffed candlelight brought them peace. Normalized by each cycle, the mother’s heart rate would slow down and become less rapid.

    Sometimes, when things are tough, kids can help. They might know how to make things feel better, even if they’re young. There was a story about two people who were tense with each other, but then something changed, and they became kind instead. It’s possible they learned this from a teacher or friend. The story is spreading around, and it reminds us that even when things are hard, we can find comfort in small things like a deep breath or a friendly hand.

    Through a straightforward but successful approach, she demonstrated the strength of family ties. Life’s turmoil finds solace in the presence of empathy and communal bonds.

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