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    Anxiety: The Crippling Disease Affecting Millions Of Americans

    40 million American Suffer From Anxiety

    What is Anxiety?

    Anxiety is a little menacing demon that we’ve all experienced lately as we exist in unprecedented times and chaos. When Covid-19 made its debut, it sent the entire world into a panic.

    Crippling fear of the unknown, sweaty palms, fatigue and trembling are all symptoms of the stress-related disease  that happens to everyone every now and then.

    Unfortunately, for some, it is a chronic disease that is exhausting to cope with. The disease can be so debilitating that it can obstruct daily activities such as work and everyday tasks.

    According to National Alliance On Mental Health, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health struggle in the US. Over 40 million adults in Americans suffer from related disorders.

    About 7% of children in the US from 3 to 17 experience uneasiness. The source claims that most people develop symptoms before the age of 21.

    Clinical Diagnosis 

    According to Mayo Clinic, some symptoms include:

    • Having trouble sleeping
    • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Fatigue
    • Hyperventilation
    • Difficulty Controlling Worry
    • Increased heart rate
    • Sense of danger, doom or panic
    • Nervousness
    • Tensity
    • Trouble thinking clearly
    • Urgency of avoiding triggers

    Types of Related Disorders

    There are a plethora of anxiety disorders, some of which are:

    • Panic Disorder
    • Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD)
    • Agoraphobia
    • Selective Mutism
    • Social Anxiety Disorder
    • Specific Phobias
    • Separation Anxiety Disorder
    • Substance Induced Anxiety
    • Anxiety Disorder Due To Medical Condition
    • Social Anxiety Disorder
    • Unspecified Anxiety Disorder

    How To Cope With Anxiety?

    While the disease is not curable, there are ways to manage it.

    These techniques are recommended by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America:

    • Take a deep breath
    • Count to 10 slowly
    • Embrace humor
    • Get enough sleep
    • Eat a well balanced meal
    • Maintain a positive attitude
    • Learn your triggers
    • Exercise daily
    • Take a time-out
    • Limit caffeine and alcohol
    • Talk to someone

    When To See A Doctor

    If feelings of depression and anxiety are too overwhelming, a doctor can prescribe anti-anxiety medications or recommend other options to help cope with symptoms.


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