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    Planet Fitness Member Arrested in Women’s Locker Room

    Uncloaking Controversy: Locker Room Incident Sparks Debate at Planet Fitness

    Recently, the debate in the United States began after an incident at a Planet Fitness in Gastonia, North Carolina. The incident brought the issues surrounding transgender individuals’ rights and women’s privacy in a public setting to the forefront. People began to question the struggle with gender identity and the safety and decency of shared locales.

    According to what happened that day in August of 2018, where a 38-year-old gym member, Christopher Allan Miller, was cited for indecent exposure . It was said that he must have gone to the female’s lockroom and when asked who he was naked as when stated that he was a woman.

    He was caught the same day, as yearning customers called the police. At that, some of them were witnesses, as they noticed Miller entering the women’s changing room. It was there that he approached a female member and, weirdly enough, asked to take a shower with her.

    There is yet another side of the matter. First, Miller had not declared his transgender status. Planet Fitness has a “judgment-free zone” policy, which is why all of its members can choose in which changing room to change. However, as it has already been mentioned, the company sticks to high safety standards and maintains a “no harassment” policy. The company fully cooperated with law enforcement.

    This event has caused a schism. Transgender rights have come up against women’s privacy rights in public areas. Several gym members became worried. They thought about Miller’s use of Planet Fitness’s policy as twisted. They assumes that such actions undermine women’s sense of safety in the locker rooms.

    Transgender advocates argue there needs to be more compassion. They claim that most transgender people just want to use the toilet. They want in accordance to their gender. In addition, they claim nobody is hurt.

    However, the immediate situation is not the only complex aspect. The underlying issue here also pertains to the usage of gender identity in policies regarding public spaces. People must communicate more clearly and maintain the required borders, and in this case, the issue is about everyone’s safety, more about safety of those using such spaces.

    The continued conflict is another reason for everyone to talk to one another more and work as a team. It is about respecting everyone and about making sure no one is left alone. Notably, Planet Fitness and the police force reacted fast as well, and this example proves how quick one should be with this sort of situation.

    This incident will lead to that kind of conversation. A conversation about how gyms and other public spaces need to include everyone with minimal attention to privacy and security.

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