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    Confrontation: 4 Ways Of Coping Without Harming Mental Health

    CONFRONTATIONKeeping cool could be more challenging than you think. No one likes confrontation, yet inevitably, it will arise at some point. Maintaining self control is an easy task for most, but for some it can be detrimental to your mental health. Self control is key when handling confrontational circumstances. Misunderstanding is usually the root of confrontation. However, when misunderstandings go without communication, confrontation will likely occur.

    We all know that when two angry forces join, nothing good can come from it. Living life will often bring unforeseen circumstances; therefore, knowing self control is key to preserving mental health. There are ways to handle confrontation without going to jail or the hospital.

    4 Ways to Handle Confrontation Without Harming Mental Health

    1. Leave the room—Though this can be insulting to the other party, guarding your mental health is paramount. Walking away can solve so many issues without putting a strain on your mental health. Hopefully the other party follows suit, peacefully resolving the issue at hand.

    2. Controlling your tongue— Sticks and stones may break bones and words can too. Words are forever, you can never take them back. Saying mean things releases negative energy, inflicting verbal harm on yourself as well as the other party. According to Management Study Guide, learning to soften your voice during confrontation can diffuse situations. Being able to adjust to the other person’s feelings will help aide in working things  out.

    3. Having healthy disagreements— According to Healthline, not every confrontation has to be a fight. Making an approach with understanding can actually make matters better. Yelling at another person lands the situation nowhere. Yelling leads to stress and stress leads to mental instability.

    4. Assume responsibility of actions— If you are the person in the wrong, own up to it. Being the bigger person isn’t always an easy task, but it can save your relationship or friendship.

    Sound mental health is important for daily functionality. Take advantage of choosing the higher road!

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