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    Wu-Tang Clan General Ghostface Killah To Drop “Ghost Files”

    Ghostface Killah set to drop fire!!

    Wu-Tang Clan is one of the most influential groups to ever mark the world of hip-hop. Together the group managed to obtain amazing feats despite coming from poverty.

    Ghostface Killah is one of the most memorable lyrics from the Clan. Most recently the NY rapper announced that he would be releasing a double album of remixed songs from “The Lost Tapes LP”. The project will be entitled Ghost Files, and will incorporate 25 songs.

    One half will be called “The Bronze Tape”, which will be produced by Bronze Nazareth, the second half will be called, The Propane Tape, and will be produced by Agallah. The project as a whole will be released on Friday, November 30th.

    Just recently the Wu-Tang Clan just recently celebrated there 25 year anniversary since the release of their debut album entitled “36 Chambers” studio album. The group are in the midst of closing out there tour which included destinations such as San Francisco, New Zealand, and Australia.


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