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    YB shares a deluxe version of the engaging album, ‘WINGS OF AN ANGEL’

    YB returns with the deluxe version of his incredible album, WINGS OF AN ANGEL. Hailing from Pine Bluff, AR, he consistently creates captivating hip-hop tracks that highlight his impressive lyrics and compelling songwriting. WINGS OF AN ANGEL [DELUXE] is his latest release, building upon the success of the original album and his previous project, GLASS CEILINGS. YB demonstrates his versatility as an artist, effortlessly switching between styles and sounds. WINGS OF AN ANGEL [DELUXE] showcases YB’s exceptional songwriting abilities and delivers meaningful messages that touch on his personal life and faith, providing continuous inspiration.

    The album kicks off with the triumphant “hand of God freestyle,” embodying YB’s uplifting and emotive sound. With well-crafted lyrics and powerful production, “hand of God freestyle” creates an anthemic listening experience. Another standout track is “butterfly vibes 2,” featuring infectious beats and crisp percussion centered around buoyant 808s. YB effortlessly raps over the energetic beat, delivering catchy rhymes that stick in your head. Among our top picks from the album is the smooth and sophisticated “STILL GOING,” featuring YB’s impactful lyrics and a stylish instrumental. “LEBRON FLOW” is a standout track that captivates with its commanding and majestic sound.

    YB delivers a focused and vivid offering in WINGS OF AN ANGEL (DELUXE), providing both high replay value and thought-provoking, relatable content. This album showcases the strength of the Arkansas-bred artist.


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