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    Wish Me Luck Defines The Black Mafia Family Saga

    BMF and Hip-Hop is the perfect marriage

    50 Cent released the hard-hitting track titled “Wish Me Luck.”

    “Wish Me Luck” details the Black Mafia Family saga.

    Besides Black Mafia Family being the #1 TV series on STARZ, the musical soundtrack represents the culture of hip-hop.

    Besides being a hip-hop icon, 50 Cent has supreme street respect. Listening to “Wish Me Luck” you can visualize “Big Meech” and “Southwest T” operating a multimillion-dollar drug network.

    The Genius of Snoop Dogg Charlie Wilson: “Wish Me Luck”

    Merging drug dealer stories with classic hip-hop bars equals a certified street anthem.

    Having legendary R&B, Charlie Wilson, blessing “Wish Me Luck” with his vocals, adds the perfect balance of soul and grit.

    Snoop Dogg’s storytelling on “Wish Me Luck” showcases his gifted rap delivery. Having the skill to create lyrics that stir up emotions shows Snoop Dogg’s creative talent.

    His song takes the Flenory brothers’ story to the next level. Riding the wave of momentum from the Raising Kanan theme song “Part of the Game,” 50 Cent’s musical impact on youth culture is undeniable.

    Cleary, 50 Cent’s knack for making hit records is still intact. Creating epic rap music is nothing new for 50 Cent and his rap resume is super long.

    50 Cent is Hollywood’s King Maker

    Unyielding on his path to redefine traditional TV, 50 Cent focused on transforming Black Hollywood’s narrative. Since the beginning of his career, 50 Cent has always been the underdog and never asked for a handout.

    Having success on TV and radio has made 50 Cent into a “King Maker”. Having multiple shows debut #1 on STARZ has generated massive ratings. “Wish Me Luck” is another hit record for 50 Cent and G-Unit Records. Most importantly, the Black Mafia Family story is changing modern television.

    Listen to the Black Mafia Family’s vision here.

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