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    50 Cent Brings Black Mafia Family To STARZ

    Birth of the Black Mafia Family

    The “Black Mafia Family” organization was the brainchild of Demetrius Flenory and Terry Flenory. Known as the “Black Mafia Family,” the organization was one of the world’s most extensive drug trafficking and money laundering organizations.

    Having created two distribution channels running through Los Angeles and Atlanta, and they could import drugs from Mexican cartels. Creating unorthodox relationships with Mexican drug cartels allowed BMF to access a better product and pricing.

    Art of the Hustle

    The Flenory brothers were born with animal ambition and built a 270-million-dollar criminal business from their genius brain cells. Selling $50 small bags of cocaine on the violent streets of Detroit, and during their high school years during the ‘80s, laid the foundation for the Black Mafia Family.

    Managing a multi-kilo drug distribution enterprise linking the states of Alabama and California and controlling a large portion of southwest territories. Having a large footprint in the drug game so fast, launched their criminal business into an overnight success. Looking to expand their growing business empire, Demetrius created “Black Mafia Family” Entertainment.

    BMF Entertainment is Born

    Besides being a Hip-Hop record label, BMF Entertainment became a global music marketing firm. Having already established relationships with Hollywood and hip-hop elite stars, BMF Entertainment was positioned for instant success. However, BMF Entertainment’s creation was to serve a dual purpose. Creating a legal business and cash flow was critical to avoiding FBI interference. Considering BMF’s reputation, giant public billboards, and lavish parties attracted what they attempted to prevent.

    50 Cent brings Black Mafia Family to STARZ

    Hip-Hop and TV Mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, unstoppable visual genius, continues with the original Starz project “Black Mafia Family.” Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson directs the larger-than-life TV series, documenting BMF’s meteoric rise to fame and multimillion-dollar business empire.

    The hip-hop mogul, who is also the director of the TV series Power, says he and his company purchased the film rights to the project in 2015. Besides, he has wanted to bring the story of BMF to the screen for a long time. 50 Cent revealed to several media outlets that “it’s one of the best American crime success stories ever”.

    Many situations are seen in which street culture overlaps with hip-hop culture. Hip-hop began on the streets of violence, drug-dealing, crime, and love. In addition, both worlds feed off each other’s energy.

    Throughout the past weekend, STARZ debuted its first season of BMF. It was one of the most expected shows of the year with the highest ratings. Undoubtedly having been successful with 50 Cent’s Power Universe series, including the most recent Raising Kanan release, BMF is in a solid position to continue its success.

    On a presentation on Lionsgate’s quarter-end returns, Jon Feltheimer, chairperson and CEO, revealed that Raising Kanan increased the number of STARZ subscribers to nearly one million within its first week of release.

    Clearly, 50 Cent’s Green Light Gang reign continues to grow in 2021.

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