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    Why You Should Watch The Art of Self-Defense

    The dark comedy that makes karate look crazy.

    The Art of Self-Defense is a dark comedy with action that you will love. It even caught me off guard. This is a movie that you wouldn’t think to watch, but it’s one you should watch.

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    What is it About!

    The Art of Self-Defense is about a timid man name Casey Davies played by Jessie Eisenberg who sign up to learn karate after being attack by a gang. After joining the dojo, Casey learns that the karate instructor he respected is a crazy man. During his journey, Casey grows in a unique way you wouldn’t see coming. He learns that this experience in the dojo is necessary but harmful at the same time. Hence, Cassie takes things into his own hands when he discovers dark secrets that the dojo is hiding.

    The Art of Self-Defense brings a different type of dialogue acting to its weird scenes. However, that’s what makes the movie brilliant. It’s not scared to take chances and bring a twist that will make people believe that this is outrageous. However, the movie is readable, you do have a sense of what’s going to happen before the climax. That’s its weakness, but that’s its only one. The story may be predictable, but it still will surprise you when it happens.

    This may be Jessie’s best performance in a while. He does a great job with his emotions and has a steady pace that you can actually see him grow when its call for. He does well with the antagonist and role characters. They boost each other performance in a way that you will appreciate as you watch the movie.

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    Check it out. It’s on Hulu to watch and enjoy. You will not be disappointed with the movie at all. With its dry humor and dark dry jokes, you will enjoy it from beginning to end.

    If you agree, then make sure to comment below and tell us what you think.

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