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    Best 3 Movies of 2019

    2019’s Best Films

    This will make me sound like a buzzkill, but nowadays finding an original film is a hard thing to come by. It would seem that most movies are either a reboot, sequel, or a derivative of what we’ve seen before.

    This year did not produce the most notable movies, but there were still some entertaining and great ones out there. To help sort through all the options I have made a list of what I feel were the best 3 movies of 2019.

    Best 3 Movies of 2019

    3) Joker

    This film was quite polarizing. Not everyone was a fan of the violence throughout the movie. Some went so far as to say that the movie glorified violence.

    These are two things that I do not necessarily agree with. One should have expected some type of violence when watching this film. Instead, this movie goes to show the unfortunate circumstances that could lead to unnecessary violence.

    The Joker captures someone struggling with mental health issues and their reaction to a system that lacks proper resources to help them. Clearly, the main character is not someone who should be glorified and in no way are his actions justified.

    Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of this character was really quite great. There is an uncomfortable tension felt throughout the movie, with moments of joy for Phoenix. The movie is slow-paced but the ending picks up quite rapidly and really sticks with you.

    2) Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    Whenever Quinton Tarantino makes a movie you know it’s going to be good. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was no different. This movie is not like most of his other films because there is no clear plot.

    This is a risky move but Tarantino is able to pull it off quite well. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood mainly focuses on the day in the life of a once-successful actor, his stunt-man/best friend, as well as established Hollywood star of the time Sharon Tate.


    The movie focuses on these three main characters played by big stars Leonardo Dicaprio, Bradd Pitt, and Margot Robbie. The cast includes other great actors and actresses such as Al Pacino, Dakota Fanning, and Luke Perry.

    The combination of Tarantino’s extremely unique vision when making films and these great performers resulted in another classic by this director. Although the movie can be a bit slow at times it’s still quite intriguing and features a typical Tarantino type ending.

    1) Jojo Rabbit

    The best film of 2019 was Jojo Rabbit for a number of reasons. The storyline was really quite unique. The story focuses on a young boy Jojo, played by Roman Griffin Davis, who is in Hitler’s army. Jojo finds out his mother Rossie, played by Scarlett Johanson, is hiding a Jewish girl named Elsa in their home.

    All three of these character’s brought great performances to the table. Davis was only 12 but more than held his own. Whereas Johanson was able to provide an uplifting presence to the movie with her positive and humorous attitude. Elsa is played by Thomasin McKenzie. McKenzie had a stellar performance throughout the film, and at times one wishes she had more lines.

    Although one might expect a movie about Nazi’s to be very sad, the director of the film Taika Waititi provided a nice twist. Instead, the movie is a combination of humor, touching, and as one might expect at times sad. There are a number of quirky features throughout the film.

    This includes things such as Waititi playing Jojo’s imaginary friend Adolf Hitler. The movie reminds me of Wes Anderson films. The unique directing style of Waititi combined with great performances by the actors/actresses throughout the film results in a fantastic movie.

    Final Thoughts

    Finding original and quality movies can be a hard thing to come by nowadays. It is easy to repeat the formula that is safe and works a majority of the time. But the films listed above have thankfully decided to make bolder choices.

    These three movies are able to present creative and entertaining films in ways other movies were not able to this past year. What are your guys’ thoughts though? Were these the best 3 movies of 2019? Or is there something missing from the list?

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