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    Westside Gunn Shows Love to Buffalo Native, Claire, by Paying for Her Funeral

    Westside Gunn, the Buffalo rapper, generously offered to pay for Claire’s funeral following her tragic car accident on May 25. In an incredible gesture of compassion, this act showed Claire just how much his community appreciated his commitment.

    Claire was an renowned figure in Buffalo, often panhandling on the streets but known for her kindness and generosity; always willing to help those in need.

    Westside Gunn first met Claire when working on his album “WWCD.” Impressed with her warmth and genuineness, he decided to feature her on its cover.

    Over time, Westside Gunn and Claire became close. He would frequently give Claire money or food, and even take her to his shows.

    Westside Gunn was devastated to learn of Claire’s death, yet without family or friends to cover her funeral costs he stepped forward to cover them himself.

    Westside Gunn donated $10,620 towards Claire’s funeral expenses and also organized for a private funeral so she can be laid to rest peacefully.

    Westside Gunn’s act of kindness has garnered widespread acclaim. People have taken to social media platforms like Twitter to show their appreciation and thank him for being so selfless.

    One person wrote, “Westside Gunn is real.” He showed Claire love when no one else did.

    “This is what it means to be part of a community,” stated another individual. “We come together in times of need.”

    Westside Gunn’s act of kindness serves as a powerful reminder that even small acts can make a meaningful impact in our communities, reminding us all to show love and offer assistance whenever needed.

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