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    HypeFresh Highlights Artist From The L.O.U.D Muzik Press Junket

    During our visit at the L.O.U.D Muzik press junket in Houston, we stumbled across Wavy. Wavy is an artist hailing from our very own, Philadelphia. As Wavy approaches our table, he approaches ego first, so we invited him over for an interview. Meet The Real Wavy.

    Hypefresh Highlights Wavy

    Who is Wavy?

    Wavy: My name is Wavy from the Logan section of Philadelphia. I’m a hip-hop artist. I didn’t always know I was a hip-hop artist, you know, growing up in the hood, growing up in the trenches. Just growing in life—I realized my purpose. I realized that I’m an artist later on in life. I’m pretty much just starting out, I’m just trying to tap into my artistry  real soon. I’m in Houston right now having a good time, I’m just looking to keep progressing.

    Tell us about your artistry.

    W: I’m a musician, I’m a vocalist. I grew up in the church singing in choirs and stuff like that. Never really thought much about it. But my friends, they starting becoming artists and rapping. One day they was like, Zo, get in the studio. Let’s see what you got. So, I got in the studio one day, and everybody was loving my sound. That basically motivated me to pursue more musical stuff. So, now I’m here just checking everything out. I don’t know, I’ma be rich though, real soon. That’s all I know.

    What’s next for Wavy?

    W: What’s next for Wavy? Well, right now, I’m working at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. I work for the government, I work in recreation. I’m a recreational therapist. Pretty much, I give back to veterans who served in the war. I want to do some real estate investing and invest in my artistry.

    How can they find you?

    W: My IG is @thermal_wavy1, I’m coming and I’m from Philly. It’s a different vibe, a different era. It’s a different style, it’s impeccable and I’m blessed. I don’t know how it happened but I just woke up one morning fly as sh**, I was always fly, but I stared embracing it. Then I started seeing life from an entire different perspective.

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