VIZIN Is Incredible In New Visual “Take Me Home”


After causing a breakout uproar with the previous single “With You,” Vizin returns with new energy, passion, and new single in the new visual “Take Me Home.” Directed by Brad Hammer, the music video is an artistic spectacle that exhibits the recording artist’s limitless creativity and visionary foreshadowing as their career continues to grow and flourish. “We shot the video at the amazing new Lance Bass club in West Hollywood Heart WeHo,” says VIZIN.”My director Brad Hammer was able to come up with an amazing visual experience with this video. We wanted to tell a visual story using digital renderings, curated by for MissGayUSofA Aurora Sexton, and incorporating myself into the overall vision, pun fully intended. His team was brilliant and I can’t wait to work with them on the next project. I was so happy! I got to do my makeup the first two looks and then the amazing makeup artist Kályd Sebastian Odeh took over for the final face. Spending the day playing dress up and being filmed while lip syncing is every drag queen’s dream, so for me the day was a breeze. Having these people on their game assures you that you’re in good hands.”

“It’s interesting, I wrote “Take Me Home” at the very beginning of the pandemic,” said Vizin on the song’s origins. “I wanted to go home but wasn’t able to at the time. I was also going through some love things and channeled that energy into the song. It really wrote itself and I was able to work with a really amazing producer who brought out the performance in me and made the song what it is now.”

On the song’s process, Vizin adds: “The writing and recording process is really fun for me. I’m usually able to write a melody or a lyric down, go into the studio and come out with something new or fun. This time, I wrote the whole song by myself and then went to a producer that was able to fill out the sound of the song and the piano.”

“Take Me Home” is available now on all platforms. Vizin’s latest release prepares fans for more as the star prepares a full album campaign on the horizon. “We are going to be filming the next video for my next single, “BYOB”! I’m so excited about the project and what’s to come for it. It’s going to be another visual experience as well as an homage to another certain movie shot in the desert.”

For more everything on VIZIN, follow the new artist on social media. Watch “Take Me Home” below.

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