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    Jay Swishes’ “I’m Him” Shows Him At His Most Confident Self

    Independent, Canadian artist Jay Swishes aims for diversity rather than follow the standard norm. As an adult, the rap artist had a clear vision to succeed as a rapper. Though, growing up his career path wasn’t always so clear. In highschool, he was set on course to become the next Lebron James, a basketball star. He had access to coaches and support from his family, especially his estranged father. While basketball helped bridge a connection between him and his father, it wasn’t enough to keep him interested.

    Jay Swishes soon realized that his true passion lied with music. Fortunately, his parents helped him pursue his musical aspirations. They themselves loved music as well. His mother was a local Gospel singer and his father worked as a DJ. Additionally, Swishes’ parents played a variety of music genres, such as West Indian tracks. In particular, the music genre helped Jay create cadences and melodies for his future songs.

    After graduating highschool, Jay Swishes started taking music more seriously. He started forming his own sound, remaining versatile and authentic to himself. At one point, Swishes became “borderline obsessive” about his music. It wasn’t long before the Canadian-born, Brownsville-bred artist started putting out records, forming an impressive discography. Additionally, Swishes’ fanbase grew exceptionally, which only put him on to more people.

    Recently, Jay Swishes debuted his first EP I’m Him , letting the rap world know he’s here to stay. The 6-track record explores Swishes’ versatility and honesty. On a deeper level, the artist seeks to confidently reveal all parts of himself.

    Jay Swishes Bares All Parts Of Himself In “I’m Him”

    Every artist seeks to stand out from the crowd. With the rap community continually growing, new talents always bring something unique to the table. Jay Swishes makes it clear that he’s not just our average rap artist. In fact, he comes with a little something extra for the fans. His debut EP I’m Him showcases every aspect of his talent, all while producing catchy tracks. Every song hooks us in all while revealing parts of Swishes life.

    Majority of the record explores Swishes’ love life and relationships. Though, “Lit Tonight” stands out from the rest, showing a more insightful look into Swishes’ vulnerable side. Throughout the song, the Canadian born rapper raps about forgetting about all the bad times in his life. Unfortunately, he turns to partying and substance abuse to “numb the pain.” While diversifying his style, he’s able to put out a relatable record that fans can identify with.

    More To Come From The Canadian Artist

    Jay Swishes
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    Jay Swishes knows how to craft great records, like his debut EP I’m Him . The 6-track record shows the independent artist at his most confident and vulnerable self. At this point in his career, Swishes aims to continue leaving his mark on the rap world. Though, he’s not opposed to exploring other spheres in the entertainment industry.

    Furthermore, the aspiring rapper has established his presence in the fashion world as well. In addition to making music, Swishes loves designing clothes on the side . There’s no doubt that the artist is always creating something new. Check out more music by Jay Swishes this summer.





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