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    Mass Shootings: A Look At America’s Gun Disparity

    Guns and Trauma Another-1There is no control over the pursuit of guns in America, resulting in the country’s 309th mass shooting in 2022. Mass shootings are at an all time high in America, making it to 309 this past weekend with the Chicago shooting. Robert Crimo III fired shots from a rooftop in Highland Park during a Fourth of July parade. Prosecutors would later reveal that the suspect fired 80 shots into the crowd according to CBS Chicago.

    Since then, yet another mass shooting takes place Wednesday night. Three men and one woman were shot on the Near West Side in Chicago, according to CBS News.


    Mass Shootings in 2022

    We are only halfway through 2022 and we’re on mass shooting number 309. On May 14, a racist attack in New York would claim the lives of 10 African Americans, injuring three others. 2022 witnessed one of the most devastating school shootings, according to NPR. In Uvalde, Texas, a school shooting claimed 21 lives, injuring 17.

    There is a major fault in America’s justice system in the involvement of public with guns. Gun violence seems to be an attribute of America’s loophole for any American to buy and own a gun. Lack of obtaining proper criminal and mental health history checks results in America facing a perpetual mass shooting cycle.

    2021 would close with a whopping 692 mass shootings, 2020 would end with 610. Only 417 mass shootings occurred in 2019. It is safe to say that the pandemic plays a part in this American rage. The 2019 pandemic would change America for the worst, sending many citizens to an early grave or into poverty. For those already battling mental health issues, there would experience an increase of episodes.

    Surviving America

    A famous poet, Gil Scot-Heron authored a powerful poem, “Who Will Survive in America?” Although the poem was released decades ago, there is still so much significance. How will America make America safe for America?

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