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    US-Ukraine Relations: Biden Says Congress Must Stand with Ukraine

    US-Ukraine Relations: Biden Urges Congress to Stand with Ukraine

    While a high-stakes meeting was happening at the White House, the president made it known just how important supporting Ukraine is in its struggle against Russia.
    They talked about giving Ukraine more military help, and there’s a lot of pressure because Congress is having a tough time agreeing on the budget, and that could affect the $24 billion aid package for Ukraine.

    President Biden didn’t beat around the bush; he said there was no other choice but to help Ukraine fight against the Russians. He really trusts Congress to do the right thing and make sure Ukraine stays safe. He also gave the green light for $325 million in security aid, showing how committed the U.S. is to keeping Ukraine secure.

    Sitting there with President Zelenskyy, President Biden stressed how important it is for the U.S. to support Ukraine in dealing with Russia. He called it a big deal in the fight against “Russian terror.” President Zelenskyy started the day by thanking the U.S. Congress and the American people, saying there’s a lot of trust between the two countries that helps them talk and work together to keep Ukraine independent.

    The U.S. is sending some military stuff to Ukraine, like missiles for defense, rocket ammo, anti-tank weapons, and artillery rounds. And there’s even news that U.S. M1 Abrams tanks are on their way to Ukraine, which will really boost their defenses.

    But this meeting happened at a time when there’s some doubt about how much help Ukraine can count on from other countries. Some people in the Republican Party aren’t too keen on it, and Poland decided to stop promising more weapons, which makes things uncertain.

    As we watch what happens next, whatever decisions are made in the coming weeks will no doubt have some effect on what does happen to Ukraine. The U.S. and Ukraine have been through a lot together, and that friendship is a light in these uncertain times.

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