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    Ukraine: An in Depth Examination Of War On Africans At Borders

    UKRAINE: AN IN DEPTH EXAMINATION What is the world coming to? This question poses an ultimatum for all nations to decide if there will be complete anarchy or unrequited peace. In reality, it seems that both must coexist or there will be no chance for peace. Hate, anarchy, and control is demoralizing the world and how citizens piously offer themselves to God for peace. Where there is no peace, there is no hope. The proliferation of destruction from Russia’s wrath on Ukraine is undoubtedly calamitous to witness. While we weep for Ukraine’s nation during this time of abominate adversity, there is a counter-war between Ukrainian authorities and Africans. The confirmation of the mistreatment of African students who are ever so desperately seeking safety lies here.

    Moral success isn’t much of an option for the average African traveling to reach borders in Ukraine. There is sinister unity among Ukrainian authority during the counter-war —the segregation of Africans, and the working against their will to freedom, even in war.

    Putin’s effort to cease war in Ukraine is non-existent as he reigns more power over the defenseless country. Although some of its citizens are lucky to flee to other countries, Africans in Ukraine are suffering a war in another man’s country. BBC reports Poland taking in more than 1,204,000 refugees. Hungary reportedly took in 191,000 while Slovakia has taken 141,000. Other countries like Moldova, Romania, Russia and Belarus are open too, according to the UN.

    Ukraine, What About the Africans?

    Ukraine openly allows African students to their country to become scholars; however, in the midst of war, they are being discriminated against. How is it that the color of one’s skin or the texture of one’s hair grade be that much of a deal?

    Authorities are deliberately blocking Africans who are mostly exchange students from across the border. Alexander Somto Orah, 25, recalled three separate racial acts towards Africans at borders. According to Axios, she retold each incident.

    1. At a station in Lviv – Officers would say that only Ukrainian nationals could only pass, but she noticed that any person without color could pass.

    “But I saw them only take white people”

    “Authorities would not respond when being confronted,” Orah said.

    2. Train station in Kyiv – Officers offered the passage of women and children; however, when a group of African women approached, they were denied. Some of the women were pregnant. Husbands pleaded with officials who showed no mercy.

    3. Ukraine and Poland Border – Orah said that barricades separated dark people and white people. The urgency to help white refugees was paramount. Africans were discarded and ignored.

    “The problems were only with authorities”

    African Nations Denounce Europe’s Discrimination

    Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine on Feb. 24, African discrimination at borders has gotten louder and louder. Undoubtedly, African nations are casting condemnation on Europe. During a meeting in New York City at the UN HQ, three representatives from three African nations, Ghana, Kenya and Gabon commented on the situation.

    The discrimination astounds the African Union as Kenyan Ambassador, Martin Kimani speaks out, CNN reports.

    ” The mistreatment of African Peoples on Europe’s borders needs to cease immediately, whether to the Africans fleeing Ukraine or to those crossing the Mediterranean.”

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