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    UK Newcomer Chris Budden Goes On A Party Trip In “Confessions”

    UK rapper Chris Budden isn’t as famous as sports reporter Kris Budden or former rap star Joe Budden, but he can hold his own on the mic. Furthermore, the East Londoner has broken records with his signature “trap rockstar ” style. Throw UK rap and Atlanta hip-hop’s scene in the mix, and we’ve got one trailblazing artist. Chris Budden is riding in his own lane.

    Additionally, Budden has two mixtapes Wundt Be and 13:33, 40 tracks and co-signs from greats like Wiz Khalifa under his belt. He’s making waves in the rap scene for sure.

    Even after coming back from a two-year hiatus, it’s like he never left. Recently, Chris Budden dropped his newest track “CONFESSIONS” that shows the East London rapper airing out all the dirty laundry in his life.

    Review Of “CONFESSIONS” 

    Chris Budden has a lot to get off his chest in his track “CONFESSIONS.” Mainly, the rapper goes on a riff about an ex-girlfriend who treated him poorly throughout their relationship. Furthermore, Budden’s verses create an underlying introspective atmosphere throughout the song. He’s surrounded by throws of women, drugs, expensive cars and the immaculate interior of a mansion. However, Budden’s verses pose a direct contrast to the party scene. The juxtaposition of the party scene and his frustrations at his ex creates an interesting effect in the video.

    Furthermore, Budden purposefully wanted the music video to show the contrasting aspects of his reality. In an interview, the UK rapper shared that he wanted viewers “to feel my pain, but at the same time, go on a party trip with me”. In other words, laugh and vibe through the pain.

    Chris Budden Says Sorry, Not Sorry 

    Chris Budden’s “CONFESSIONS” revealed the artist’s deepest, most inner struggles with himself. He’s weathered through bad relationships, addiction, and losing a friend to knife violence. Additionally, he’s even rode the ups and downs of the music scene. Clearly, Chris Budden has endured plenty of hardship. Though, he found a way to work through it in song and music.

    In talks about “CONFESSIONS”, Budden revealed that he’s righting all his wrongs, but at the same, he’s not.

    “It’s like, I’m going on a guilt trip, but still too proud to apologize.”

    Basically, he’s saying sorry, not sorry. This insight leads to speculation that Budden’s old girlfriend wasn’t the only one at fault in the relationship.

    With the new track offering so much, there’s no telling what UK rapper Chris Budden will come up with next. Be sure to check him out.




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