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    Timbaland’s Catches Backfire for New AI-Generated Song Featuring Biggie

    Timbaland is reviving Biggie’s Vocals

    Super-producer Timbaland has embraced the new culture of AI-generated music with his Timbaland New AI Song, featuring the legendary Biggie Smalls in a tribute song.

    Despite some backlash, Timbaland’s use of AI music production technology showcases the potential for AI music collaboration and the future of music production. While some may argue that AI should not use the voice of deceased artists like Biggie, Timbaland’s intentions were good and his use of AI music technology highlights the possibilities for innovation in the music industry.

    Although there were complaints on social media about Timbaland’s approach, his use of AI music production shows the potential for a new era in music creation.

    The genesis of this new track came after Timbo hit Instagram on Christmas Day to share the video with his 3.9 million followers. During the post, he explains how AI allowed him to make his dream of collaborating with Biggie come true.


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    Many artists have expressed their concerns about AI taking over the rap game, and even Drake weighed in following an AI-crafted version of himself covering Ice Spice’s “Drake Responds To AI Generated Version of Drake Rapping on Ice Spice’s “Munch” Song.” UMG has also asked Spotify to block AI-generated songs from their catalogs.

    AI Stay Trying to Revive Artist

    This isn’t the first time AI has been used to create music from deceased rappers, as Jay-Z engineer Young Guru has been outspoken about the dangers of the technology. He’s taken down fake versions of Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle, and Pop Smoke tracks that have been uploaded to the internet.

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