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    Memphis Rapper Gangsta Boo, of Three 6 Mafia, Dead At 43

    A recent source revealed that Gangsta Boo, a former member of the Three 6 Mafia, likely overdosed on drugs before passing away at age 43.
    RIP Gangsta Boo, the queen of the M. 🖤🤞🏾

    Lola Mitchell, also known as Gangsta Boo, reportedly attended a concert with her brother on Saturday night in Memphis, TN, where she then overdosed and needed medical attention.

    Despite her seeming recovery, the sources said that Gangsta Boo’s body contained drugs when she was found dead on Sunday at the age of 43.

    Gangsta Boo’s death is thought to have been caused by a fentanyl-laced drug, but authorities are starting a formal investigation. The official cause of her death will be determined following completion of the autopsy. The “Mafia” rapper was discovered dead at around 4 p.m. local time. DJ, founder of the 36 mafia, later confirmed the news of her death on his instagram with a tribute.

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