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    The Verdict Is In: The Jury Finds Eric Holder Guilty

    Senseless killing has taken root in the rap community these last few years. Fortunately, families and friends can take comfort knowing that most killers eventually get caught. Police certainly worked hard to find Nipsey Hussle’s killer, Eric Holder.

    After just two days, officers found the murderer. Now, after long deliberation in court hearings, Hussle’s killer will finally serve the time he deserves. Recently, the verdict just came in for Eric Holder; the jury finds him guilty .

    Eric Holder Charged With First-Degree Murder

    via HipHop Crown Nation

    Nipsey Hussle’s murderer might finally be going away for a long time. In fact, the June 30th court hearing pretty much spelled out Eric Holder’s sentencing. His lawyer Aaron Jansen’s argument that Holder acted in the “heat of passion” when he killed Nipsey Hussle proved inexcusable in the eyes of the court.

    Yesterday, CBS Los Angelos reported that the jury found Holder guilty of first-degree murder. Furthermore, the jury deliberated for six hours straight on Wednesday before determining the verdict. After so long, there’s finally a glimpse of hope and relief for Hussle’s family. Now the ultimate decision falls in the hands of the judge.

    He Almost Received Two Additional Murder Charges

    via Yahoo

    While the jury convicted Eric Holder of first-degree murder, the former gang member almost faced a harsher charge. Originally, Holder faced additional charges of two counts of attempted first-degree murder for murdering two bystanders. However, the jury decided to cut him some slack and instead, charged with attempted voluntary manslaughter. Not that it’ll help his case. The jury’s ultimate verdict is a sign there’ll be justice for Neighborhood Nip in the end.

    We at Hypefresh will keep you up-to-date on the latest court ordeals concerning Nipsey Hussle’s killer.

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