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    Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Wants A Shorter Sentence

    The rap scene has experienced a huge surge of new talent in the last few years. However, it also dealt with an alarming number of deaths. Too many lives have been taken by gun violence. In a time of strife, viral pandemics and rising racial tensions, people are angry.

    The case of the People v. Eric Holder shows just how upset people have become. Once a friend and collaborator of the great Nipsey Hussle, his killer Eric Holder became the enemy. In March 2019, the former Rollin’ 60’s gang member shot down Hussle in broad daylight, right outside his Marathon Clothing Store in LA.

    Furthermore, the People v. Eric Holder case drew attention from viewers on a national level. His death devastated the rap community and even led to outward outrage from fans.

    Recently, Eric Holder attempted to ask the judge to cut him some slack after facing life in prison. Apparently, Holder’s lawyer believes his client deserves a lesser sentencing.

    Holder’s Lawyer Requests Shorter Sentence

    shorter sentence
    via Urban Hollywood 411

    No one wants to face the death penalty in jail. However, some life lessons come with severe consequences. On Thursday, Eric Holder’s attorney Aaron Jensen, argued in court that his client doesn’t deserve the “life in prison” sentencing. This isn’t the first time Holder and his lawyer have pleaded “not guilty.” Moreover, police charged Holder with several counts of murder, which basically meant he was going away for a while.

    Now Holder’s lawyer acknowledges that his client is responsible for Nipsey Hussle’s death, but simultaneously argues the notion with an excuse. According to Jensen, Holder acted wrongfully in the “heat of passion.” Furthermore, Hussle called him a snitch, which led to a fallout between the two former friends. At the time, Holder had no connections with their former LA gang Rollin 60s.

    Though, the surveillance video Hussle’s lawyer John Mckinney obtained from police officers clearly shows Holder shooting Hussle 10 times and kicking him in the head whilst lying dead on the ground. Clearly, Holder still has those violent tendencies embedded in his physique. Jensen excused the blatant act of violence as Holder “fearing for his life” and “feeling threatened.” It’s as though Jensen validates Holder’s actions here. Given all the evidence shown at the court hearing, the attorney had the audacity to request a shorter sentencing for his client. Clearly, attorney Aaron Jensen doesn’t know how law in the U.S works. It’s near to impossible to dismiss a murder as an “accident.”

    Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Makes Enemies In Jail

    shorter sentence
    via Spectrum News

    Attorney Aaron Jensen may have tried his hardest to protect his client Eric Holder from a life in jail. Though, Nipsey Hussle’s killer may not even last that long by the way life in jail has progressed so far. Recently, officials reported that the former gang member was assaulted at a Los Angeles County jail early Tuesday morning.

    Furthermore, Jensen further revealed that several people assaulted the 32-year-old whilst being held in custody, upon his court appearance. The physical altercation resulted in Holder receiving a swollen face, eye and a cut to the back of his head from a razor. Unfortunately, for Holder, he’s made enemies with a lot of people in jail. Convicted as Nipsey Hussle’s killer, Holder definitely has a major target on his back.

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