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    The Phillies Are Hot Just In Time For Wild Card Playoffs

    The Phillies Are Hot Just In Time For Wild Card

    Time For Wild Card
    Jean Segura Three Straight Walk-off Win (8-7) Philadelphia Phillies | Twitter

    Wild Card & October Playoff Baseball

    Fall playoff baseball is less than a month away. Apparently, the Phil’s want to be apart of that race. As of late, the Phillies (76-72) have a mini winning streak four games long. Currently, they are one game behind the Braves (76-70) in the National League East. Also, they are close behind the Cardinals (78-69). Both in contention for the second NL Wild Card spot. Things look promising for playoff baseball. Yet the Phillies have been  inconsistant. Now, they are in the position where if they do make the playoffs via wild card, they most likely won’t get far.

    Mets Killers: Harper & Segura

    Wild Card
    Phillies wild card playoff baseball via twitter

    Yesterday, they beat the Mets, 5-3. That win came with help from Segura and Bryce Harper, who is hot right now. Finally, Harper has been giving the MVP performance fans been missing.

    MVP Talks

    While, Bryce Harper does not want to entertain talks of MVP awards, the Phillies fans are pulling for him to win. This season has not been the best for him after getting hit in the face, injuring his wrist, and having consistent back issues. Harper’s numbers have him seated third in the NL in terms of batting average .315, second in on-base percentage .429, first in batting 6.27 and OPS 1.056.  Consequently he is tied for fourth in runs scored, tied for first in toal bases, and second in doubles, and tied for fourth in home runs with a total score of 33 HRs.

    Segura is Clutch

    As for Segura, this season, he has been the most consistantly clutch player. Also, underrated. During the game, Jean Segura who homered twice against them. Furthermore, Segura has career high numbers against the team with .324, 10 home runs and 32 RBIs against the Mets. But, he has been no stranger to clutch home runs and walkoffs. Segura who is always confident in his abilities had this to say about his performance,

    Phillies answer back in the Fourth
    Segura slides into home as the tying run before the Phillies secure their 17-8 victory. Philadelphia Phillies Twitter

    “I see the ball really good when we play those guys. I try to do my best and try to win the baseball game.”

    Nola has finally got himself out of his slump. However, it’s much too late as October Baseball is far from reach from the Fightin’ Phils.

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