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    The Philadelphia 76ers Uncertain About Future With James Harden

    For Philadelphia 76ers fans, it’s incredibly disappointing to be eliminated from the playoffs in the second round for the second year in a row. Earlier in the year, many believed Harden would be a step above star PG Ben Simmons. Especially, after his debacle last season against the Atlanta Hawks. Many of the team turned on him, as well as, the city, fans, and most importantly the media. After the blockbuster trade, many believed both teams got significantly better; however, it seems both sides had similar value in production from both players. In so many words, many fans were disappointed in the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets. 

    After this series from Harden, it’s only natural to ask, “What’s next for the 76ers?”

    James Harden is on the last year of his contract and after that playoff performance, many are skeptical if they should even extend him. Let’s face it, he’s much older and it seems he’s lost a step or two. He’s come up small in huge moments far too often. The writing is on the wall so to speak, Philadelphia 76ers star C Joel Embiid discusses his feelings in the post-game conference. In fact, he sounded quite disappointed in Harden’s efforts.

    Moving forward for the 76ers

    This wouldn’t be considered encouraging or exciting to hear from a fan’s perspective. However, the reality of the situation although Harden may not be who he was any longer. Philadelphia 76ers owner Daryl Morey will absolutely re-sign Harden. However, the next line of questioning is for how much and for how long. The star PG is aging and mounting up several injuries with his hamstrings that can play a toll on him going forward. 

    Unfortunately, it seems the Philadelphia 76ers are doing similarly what they did to Simmons just last year. One can hope this doesn’t become a pattern in Philly simply because they may lose out on potential talent who may be a good fit within their system for the future.

    “Everything happened so fast,” reported Tim Bontemps for ESPN. “I simply aimed to arrive here, take my time, and, above all, focus on the ultimate goal: winning a championship.”

    “I’ll be here,” Harden said of Philly after Game 6. “We prioritize anything that helps us grow, improve, and succeed. Our focus is on the essential elements needed for winning and competing at a top level.”

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