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    Brooklyn Nets Guard James Harden: ‘I don’t plan on leaving’

    Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden did not sign an extension with the Nets, per ESPN. The deadline for the extension was midnight on October 18th. While many were very skeptical and concerned with his decision to not sign, he attempts to reassure Nets fans and media that he’s content and plans to remain a Brooklyn Net.

    “There is nothing to worry about,” said Harden as he emphasized that this is nothing to read into going forward.

    “After the Nets’ 127-104 season-opening loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, Harden expressed his primary focus on recovering, getting in shape, and preparing for an exceptional season. He had an impressive performance with 20 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists.”

    James Harden: ‘nothing to worry about’

    By declining the extension, Harden retains the option to enter his $47.4 million contract for 2022-23 and potentially secure a four-year, $223 million extension during free agency. ESPN’s Bobby Marks reports that he could become the first NBA player ever to exceed $60 million in a single year.

    Last season, was an underwhelming year for the Brooklyn Nets. However, Harden himself was dealing with several injuries on top of adjusting to the new organization and fanbase. Midway through last year, one can see the impact of this injury he battled with. He was forced to miss the majority of the Milwaukee Buck playoff series due to the severity of his hamstring injury. 

    “Last year was a chaotic period for me in terms of my health and performance,” stated Harden. “Therefore, this year, I aim to demonstrate that I belong among the elite players. I have a lot to prove to myself, and that’s my sole focus and concern.”

    He expressed dramatically how much he enjoys the Nets organization and everyone involved.

    “I have a great affinity for this place. Myself, Joe and Clara Tsai, Sean Marks, Oliver Weisberg, and Steve Nash, along with the entire front office, have had exceptional communication. I genuinely feel comfortable and at home here. There’s no need to be concerned. Personally, my sole objective is to concentrate on this year.”

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