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    The Good That Came Out Of BLM Protests


    The good that came out of BLM Protests
    The good that came out of BLM Protests

    The death of George Floyd sparked outrage in the community against police brutality and racial injustice. Throughout the last weeks, there have been protests, petitions, and many more ways that the community made their voices heard. 

    This was not an easy task because the police and government representatives tried their best to put a stop to it; with rubber bullets to throwing teargas to the protestors and arresting protesters. Yet the community involved in Black Lives Matter persisted and changes are being made to eliminate police brutality and racial injustice. Here are just some highlights of the changes they were able to make. 

    Democrats present police reform bill 

    Democrats face backlash after wearing Kente cloth while kneeling ...

    The Democrats heard the problems that have been going on in our country and made a bill to better the police department. This bill will do the following said Top congressional Democrats : 

    “Prohibit police from using chokeholds and carotid holds, and link funding for state and local departments to the ban.”

    “Mandate federal-level training on racial bias and implicit bias, and tie state and local funding to the provision of training.”

    Revise “qualified immunity” for officers to facilitate the compensation of individuals whose constitutional rights were infringed upon.

    With these laws enacted, it will hopefully be easier for police officers to be charged and forbid the police to use violent tactics reducing the chances of killing more people.

    The removal of Confederate statues and monuments

    Since the protests have started this year there have been a total of 114 confederate statues and monuments being removed. 

    Without people speaking up, it would have not been acknowledged to the government representatives that they need to be removed. 

    Some of the statues that were removed include: 

    • Police commissioner Frank Rizzo in Philadelphia, PA
    • Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, VA
    • Jefferson Davis statue in Frankfort, KY

    Breonna’s Law Passed

    Breonna Taylor shooting: LMPD 'get your damn story straight'- lawyer

    This law being passed prevents police officers from raiding your house without knocking. The representative did say that there will be an exception which is “The use of force is restricted to situations where there is an immediate danger of harm or death, and is only applicable to serious crimes such as murder, hostage-taking, kidnapping, terrorism, human trafficking, and sexual trafficking.“

    This law is also named after a victim of police brutality Breonna Taylor. She was unarmed and the police came into her house using the no-knock warrant and shot her. 

    This law will prevent what happened to Breonna Taylor to not happen to others. 

    These are just some of the highlighted results that came from the Black Lives Matter movement through protests and petitions. 

    What do you think of results from the movement? 

    Let us know in the comments. 

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