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    The Controversial Emails Leak: Veronica Wu’s Denouncement of the Black Lives Matter Movement

    Veronica Wu of First Bright Ventures steps down after emails leak of her debunking the Black Lives Matter movement. She is a founding member/managing partner of the apparel company.

    A Miseducation Of Racism

    The social stigma of the black society, in defense of the white society dismissing the true realities of racism—there is a block. The block, per say is the justification of the machinery of economic oppression. Paradigms of existing roadblocks staying in place since the beginning. For example; purchasing, real estate, corporate endeavors and even recreation. There is dishonest misunderstanding considering the plight of the black experience. Century long fights for justice; yet there are doubts. There is a switch of the narrative. Those apart of the white society accusing the black society of projecting hate against the unveiled systematic oppression.

    The movement of the white society is apposite to their actions against black people. The Black Lives Matter movement, where solidarity of black people fight for justice. Though the subculture is a platform for blacks, there are also white revolutionaries who share the same sentiments. The union petition to reprimand makers of laws put in place to roadblock black people. However; the union is taken as a nuisance to the society.

    Asian Hate Affecting The Black Community

    White supremacy tends to rub off on other races, influencing the same hate toward the black society. For example; Asian Americans. There is a conflict of interest in most social experiences between African Americans and Asians. For example; Latasha Harlins. According to Los Angels Times, Soon Ja Du, a store owner shoots Harlins in the back of the head. Attempting to steal orange juice, she scuffles with Du. However, Harlins was holding two dollars to pay.  She punches Du, when exiting the door, Du shoots. Consequently, Soon Ja Du, serving only probation.

    Asian Hate discrimination laws reinforce anti discrimination towards Asians, none in place for black people.

    Wu’s Sentiment Among The White Society

    According to AXIOS, Veronica Wu shares her sentiments via email about her stance with white society. Meaning so, Black Lives Matter a hoax that does not matter. Axios obtained emails of Wu’s dismissing of the movement.


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