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    Stream VOICES New Soundtrack ‘Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom’ Featuring Lecrae

    VOICES is a community that focuses on discussions, development, and distribution of resources created by Black Christian content creators for communities of color. As part of their support for the brand’s new historic documentary, they have released the original motion picture soundtrack called Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom. This 13-song collection reflects the truth and significance of the recently recognized federal holiday, Juneteenth. The project includes popular singles like “Where Do We Go” and “Black As Heaven,” and features renowned hip hop artists like Lecrae and Propaganda, who join forces on a new track titled “Black Reconstruction.”

    Synopsis of the documentary

    Explore the profound spiritual meaning of America’s newest federal holiday in “Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom,” a captivating documentary presented by the Our Daily Bread Voices Collection and Our Daily Bread Media.

    Discover how enslaved individuals found strength in Scripture, visit the historic church where the first Juneteenth celebration occurred, and uncover the deep connection between faith and the newfound freedom experienced by men and women.

    Featuring special guests Ms. Opal Lee, Lecrae, and more, join us on a journey to Galveston, Texas, where you’ll witness a faith that triumphs over adversity.

    Watch the documentary below.

    The documentary joined forces with popular music platform Rapzilla to raise awareness about the film. Rasool Berry, the curator, shared his thoughts on the significance of the first Juneteenth celebration, which took place at a church in Galveston. He emphasized that the people involved perceived their emancipation through a spiritual lens. Understanding their perspective on freedom requires delving into their faith. The Black church played a crucial role in establishing communities during this time.

    Directed by Ya’Ke Smith, Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom is a documentary presented by the Our Daily Bread Voices Collection. Once you’ve finished watching, feel free to explore more from VOICES on social media.

    Don’t miss out on the complete project below.

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