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    Stephanie Mills Prioritizes Sisterhood Over Receiving Her Flowers

    The Verzuz battle between Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills happened this past Thursday (Nov. 18) and it wasn’t the nostalgic music event that viewers expected. Instead, it might’ve left viewers revisiting Khan’s catalog to disregard the showing.

    The much-anticipated battle arrived following both the vocal divas expressing distaste in participating on the Verzuz platform. During an interview with “The Breakfast Club” in June, Mills shared her disinterest in Verzuz after alleging that the platform initially rejected her and Chaka Khan. “We tried. George, who’s Chaka’s manager and my manager reached out to them but they weren’t interested,” she said. “But I wouldn’t do it now anyway,” she added.

    It’s Showtime!

    Nonetheless, the legendary singers emerged on the stage hand-in-hand at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles Thursday night. Dubbed as “a night for the Queens,” the showcase demonstrated sisterhood above all else. Mills heartily supported Chaka Khan, who had an erratic stage presence. The ‘Feel the Fire’ singer stood by Khan’s side and even assisted her while performing. “Real sisters fix your crown when it’s falling,” journalist Shanita Hubbard tweeted. “I hope y’all see the love and sisterhood Stephanie Mills is showing tonight. Cause the good sis is holding Chaka DOWN.” Viewers inquired about the 68-year-old singer’s sobriety as her speech was slurred and she acted clumsily on stage.

    While Khan was not at the top of her game vocally, Stephanie Mills showed up and showed out! The “Comfort of a Man” singer made up for what her opponent lacked in finesse, vocals, and showmanship. This was unfortunately overshadowed as Khan’s behavior raised concerns and made it an unsettling watch. Mills was commended for how she backed the funk diva, but missed praise that should’ve went towards her performance and contribution to soul music in the process. Stephanie Mills remains an overlooked R&B veteran, who has yet to properly receive her just due. That opportunity was ravaged here.

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