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    Stayc First Win: Teddy Bear New Music

    K-Pop girl group STAYC released their first music video teaser for upcoming title track ‘Teddy Bear’ on February 14 KST. The group’s fourth single is a playful and cheerful track.

    After showing a mature image with their emotional comeback ‘We Need Love’ last summer, StayC return to their teen fresh sound with Teddy Bear. But while it is reminiscent of their past hit songs like ‘ASAP’ and ‘Stereotype’, it lacks the engrossing elements that made those tracks successful.

    Music Video

    The music video for teddy bear first win stayc has been released and it shows the bright energy of the members of the group. The teen-fresh charms of the girls are shown clearly in this music video and it has received many responses from the global K-pop community.

    The teen-fresh style of the girl group is evident in this music video, and it definitely differs from their previous release Beautiful Monster. The fizzy pop buoyancy of this song works well as a contrast to their previous effort, which didn’t get the same attention.

    The six-member group aspired to carve out their own genre of ‘teen-fresh’ with their new single, and they’ve been receiving great reaction from the public. The title track ‘Teddy Bear’ entered the Melon TOP 100 within a week of its release, and the music video has also been viewed over 6 million times. Despite the criticism that came with the release of their last song, it’s a good sign that STAYC isn’t losing their fan base!


    Despite a shaky start to their career, K-pop girl group StayC aspired to make “teen-fresh” another name for itself with its fourth single teddy bear. The song marked the return of the six-member group to the K-pop scene after seven months since it last dropped its third single We Need Love.

    For this song, the girls enlisted the services of a team of writers and musicians to concoct something of an all-in-one experience that’s certainly not short on thrills. The song is a confection of sweet eloquently sung verses, light-hearted raps, and beat-heavy instrumentation that embodies the girl group’s unique sonic DNA.

    Ultimately, what STAYC’s new single delivers is a fizzy pop buoyancy that skirts the line between bright and cloying while delivering the most important message of all: hope. It’s a good thing it carries a cuddly name like teddy bear, because the girls deserve a round of applause for delivering it. And, it’s not just the music that’s the best thing to happen to StayC: their latest single has also set a new personal best for first-day album sales.

    Release Date

    On February 14, 2023, K-Pop girl group STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J) released their fourth single album ‘Teddy Bear.’ Featuring the title song “Teddy Bear,” it contains positive messages about dreams and faith.

    The single album has sold over 186,000 albums on the first day, according to Hanteo Chart. This is well above the initial sales of their third single album ‘WE NEED LOVE,’ which was released in July last year.

    Leader Sumin shared that ‘Teddy Bear’ is a song about the bright energy and hopeful message that STAYC conveys best. She also affirmed that the album ‘Teddy Bear’ will further expand and improve their unique color.

    ‘Teddy Bear’ has been loved by fans worldwide since its release and continues to be popular due to its bright energy and powerful performance. It has also been ranked at the top of the Melon real-time chart for a week after its release. This shows that the public continues to be excited about STAYC’s comeback.


    The fizzy pop buoyancy of the song is one thing, but the awe-inspiring video that accompanied it is another. The resulting trippy medley of dance moves and camera angles is a visual feast. The aforementioned teddy bear has sparked some serious oohs and ahhs from fans, who can’t get enough of the synchronized choreography. It’s a worthy follow-up to their opulent poppy.

    The aforementioned teeny, tiny song was not the first time STAYC had tapped the teddy bear in a promotional campaign, but it is a surefire hit with fans. Despite the fact that it’s not their best work, this teddy-bear of a song still stands as their biggest success in some time. In the end, they may have a few more singles before we’ll see them take a well-earned break.

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