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    Snoop Dogg Combines 2 Passions: Death Row Records, Cannabis

    West Coast legend Snoop Dogg has managed to revolutionize his rap label by combining his love for music and marijuana.

    Death Row Records has been one of the most iconic rap labels in all of hip hop for over three decades now. Since its creation, Death Row has produced countless talent as well as chart topping hits, but the label as a whole has remained relatively the same over the years. Since acquiring the label recently, Snoop Dogg has made some eye opening advancements to modernize the company.

    A befitting merger for both parties

    Yesterday, @DeathRowRecords and @deathrowcannabis announced their release of Death Row engineered weed will be released in January 2023. The announcement was an Instagram post with a video that featured the iconic logo of the Death Row inmate in the electric chair. The logo was revamped to fit the cannabis vibe, with one of the hands of the inmate broken free and holding a healthy sized blunt. The video was an excellent collaborative effort with the visuals done by MylarMen, and the music by DJ Battlecat. With the classic west coast vibes in the soundtrack, and the backing of Snoop Dogg, arguably the biggest pothead in hip hop, this all seems like a giant step in the right direction for the label.

     Speaking of steps in the right direction

    Marijuana isn’t the only bright idea that Snoop is implementing in the near future. The Long Beach native also plans to modernize their sound and digital footprint to adapt to today’s times and audience.

    Their new first impression

    Their first cannabis drop comes in limited edition commemorative metallic bags. The logo on the front will be the new design of the Death Row inmate with an updated design, and Cuban cigar sized joint in his right hand.

    Snoop doesn’t skimp when it comes to weed

    As you could have probably guessed, Snoop Dogg isn’t taking this step into the weed world lightly. The Doggystyle rapper has spared no expense, bringing aboard a long time weed scientist and West Coast legacy cultivator. Industry insider, AK, was specifically selected by Snoop to lead the process of cultivating the Death Row Cannabis. AK has a long and loud history, having worked with WizardTrees in creating the Studio 54, Shirazi, and RS11 strains from DEO, another exotic cannabis breeder. AK’s resume speaks for itself, being the VP of cultivation for TRP LLC, as well as the boss behind the IYKYK brand SMKRS. With his dispensaries always having long lines down the street, it’s safe to say his Cannabis abilities are far from mid.

    With the release date in the very near future, Death Row Cannabis is on track to have many satisfied customers soon after the start of the new year. The brand told fans to stay tuned for more announcements over the next couple weeks. So far, Death Row Cannabis will start its debut in select Cookies California stores, beginning with the stores in San Diego, Brentwood, and San Bernardino. More locations in more states will follow soon after the initial release.

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