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    Skrull Rhodey Confirmed: The Darkest Iron Man Theory Is True

    Rhodey’s secret invasion twist is the darkest Iron Man theory yet! Marvel fans are sifting through the evidence from episode 3 of the Disney+ limited series Secret Invasion to determine just how long Don Cheadle’s James “Rhodey” Rhodes has actually been a Skrull imposter. The theory began with a simple observation: Rhodey was behaving strangely in his meeting with Nick Fury. But in episode 4 of the series, he was shown to be manipulating the President into firing Fury for Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir).

    Rhodey’s Secret Invasion Twist: the Darkest Iron Man Theory

    He also mentioned that nobody calls him by his first name. This is a sign of him being a Skrull, and fans were quick to notice the small clues in his dialogue. Though some fans on Reddit think that the evidence goes back even further.
    The theory hinges on the fact that Skrulls tend to impersonate people in their own worlds. The MCU is no exception. shapeshifting aliens regularly replace characters in the Marvel Universe. They took the form of Captain America, Thor, and Black Panther to further their own agenda. This trope allows the writers to explore these characters’ pasts.
    They can develop stories about them without drastically altering their identities. This theory further solidifies with one crucial line. Fake Rhodey mentions he is still in the hospital after a spinal operation from the events of the Civil War.
    If this is true, then abduction and replacement happened sometime around that time. Also, when Rhodey comes out of his pod in episode 4, he has the entire hospital gown on. This is a clear indication that he has been a Skrull for a while.
    The real Rhodey survived his spinal operation and returned to action in Avengers: Endgame. This means that the real Rhodey was a Skrull for almost a decade. He was never aware of his own true identity.
    This reveal could have some serious consequences moving forward. Marvel has yet to officially confirm or deny this theory. Though it would make sense given the circumstances of the storyline and the character’s MCU timeline.
    It would allow for the Skrull imposter to infiltrate the President’s circle. He can encourage a strike on their bases without the need for dramatic changes to the character’s past. Stay tuned for more news on this mystery in the coming weeks. For now, Secret Invasion continues on its mission to save Earth from annihilation.

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