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    What If, Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark? Easter Eggs

    “What If…” Easter Eggs

    Series Plot:

    The wildly popular “What If” series from Marvel has teased alternate timelines and the multiversal events preparing us for the changes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, it’s back to revisit two key characters: Tony Stark and Killmonger. But, what happens changes the whole course of the Marvel timeline as we know it. In the beginning, when Tony stark is ambushed by the 10 Rings Organization, Killmonger intercedes saving him from the missle that would have otherwise exploded in his chest. This changes the course of Tony’s Arc in the MCU. Thus, Stark does not become Iron Man, the hero that saves the world from Thanos. Killmonger joins Stark Industries.

    “Heroes are not born, they are freed in darkness, shaped in battle, defined by sacrifice.”  -The Watcher

    A Second Chance At Redemption?

    Fortunately, Michael B. Jordan reprises his role as Killmonger in Disney Plus’ “What if…Series. Apparently, one thing that many hoped for was that Killmonger get another chance at redemption before he turned out to be a villian. In Black Panther, many could relate to his outlook, his anger and pain, and thought he made a lot of sense. Well, it sparked a lot of thoughts about what if things worked out differently and he didn’t become a villian.

    Rightful Suspicions

    Furthermore, in the story, Pepper Potts (Beth Hoyt) becomes suspicious of Killmonger. Then, he consults with Rhodey and learnes about Stevens’ Navy SEAL past along with his MIT credentials. Finally, his time as an elite black-ops mercenary for a Joint Social Operations Command ghost squad with ties to the CIA.

    Kinship Over Lost Fathers

    As they connect on a deeper level about their late fathers, Killmonger shares his project of unmanned humanoid combat drones with Stark, mentioning that the drones need a power source: vibranium that could only be found in Wakanda. First, they attempt to acquire it on the black market through a contect with Rhodey.

    Murder and Betrayal

    However, T’Challa interrupts the buy. Killmonger was ready and kills both T’Challa and Rhodey. Why Rhodey? Well, it’s because of a larger plan that Killmonger has in mind. Thereby, Killmonger makes it appear that Rhodey was blasted in the crossfire. Tony feels betrayed and confronts Killmonger which leads to Stark dying by Killmonger’s hands. Now, he is not available to stop Thanos, in the future.  Additionally, Killmonger further manipulates the situation leading to his accending to the throne.

    Similarities between Tony Stark and Erik Stevens

    Tony brings Erik Stevens into his company
    7 Differences, 3 similarities, and Easter Eggs for Disney Plus’ What if Killmonger rescued Tony Stark. via Marvel & Disney +
    1. They both went to MIT.
    2. They both lost parents young.
    3. Erik Stevens was a soldier / CIA Operative and Tony Stark made weapons for the military.

    7 Changes From The Episode

    7 Changes from the Episode
    7 Differences, 3 similarities, and Easter Eggs for Disney Plus’ What if Killmonger rescued Tony Stark. via Marvel & Disney +
    1. Tony Stark never becomes Iron Man.
    2. Arc Reactor is not created.
    3. Erik Stevens kills T’challa.
    4. Killmonger becomes Black Panther.
    5. The government uses Rhodey and Tony’s deaths as a rallying point for a war against Wakanda.
    6. Shuri recruits Pepper Potts to share the truthful narrative thereby going against Killmonger.
    7. Shuri will be put on the path to be successor to Black Panther throne.

    Easter Eggs

    Killmonger still a villian
    7 Differences, 3 similarities, and Easter Eggs for Disney Plus’ What if Killmonger rescued Tony Stark. via Marvel & Disney +
    1. 10 Rings Organization referenced.
    2. Ford Roadster in Tony’s garage.
    3. Dum-E Robot that Tony created.
    4. Erik Steven’s Thesis: Project Liberator.
    5.  “peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.”
    6. Vibranium.
    7. Killmonger is still a villian and stll finds himself opposing T’Challa.
    8. Tony Stark still dies, just earlier in the timeline.

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