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    Sh3GotGame Fridays: Ashlon Jackson Shines On And Off The Court

    Ashlon Jackson, a Duke University commit, was born in Beaumont, Texas but currently resides in China, Texas. She started playing basketball at the young age of three and comes from a family with a strong basketball background. Her older sister, Ke’brianna Malone, has played a significant role in shaping Jackson’s basketball journey. Jackson has also been inspired by her parents, who have passed down their love and passion for thegame.


    Ashlon Jackson attempting to find the happy medium

    Ashlon Jackson has been dominant since she was a young girl. Even at three years old, she played alongside older kids. This greatness continued to follow her throughout her journey. However, it’s important to remember that these young athletes are still children. Like Gisella Maul, another Texas native, Jackson finds it challenging to balance her social life with her basketball commitments.

    Her daily routine starts with waking up at 6 A.M. to hit the gym for shooting practice if there’s no team practice. Then she follows her regular school schedule and attends practice. Sometimes she works out with her trainer after practice. Once she gets home, she focuses on completing her homework, often trying to stay ahead by doing assignments for the next few days. She ends the day with a shower and repeats the routine the next day.

    While this schedule may seem busy for a high schooler, Jackson knows she has made sacrifices to reach her current position. While her peers have fun and go on vacations, she spends her weekends in the gym honing her skills. She appreciates the process but understands the importance of finding a balance between basketball and other aspects of life.

    Outside of basketball, one of Jackson’s favorite activities is family bowling. The Jacksons take pride in their bowling abilities and can get competitive at times. However, Ashlon values and cherishes the moments she spends with her loved ones away from the game.

    Optimistic and exciting future for Jackson

    According to ESPN, Jackson is ranked as the 16th best female basketball player in the country. Surprisingly, she models her game after Maya Moore and Stephen Curry, which explains her shooting range and crafty moves. The offseason is crucial for her success, and she starts with a strict diet, focusing on cardio and weightlifting instead of basketball. It’s not just about physical preparation, but also mental fueling through prayer and reading.

    As she prepares to join the Duke Blue Devils next season, Jackson looks forward to teaming up with ACC freshman of the year, Shayeann Day-Wilson. Their potential as one of the youngest backcourts in the ACC excites her. Jackson emphasized her excitement to play alongside Wilson, as they complement each other’s game on the court.

    Not only is playing with Wilson exciting, but Jackson is also thrilled to be coached by Kara Lawson, the head coach at Duke. Jackson expressed her love for the coaching staff at Harding Jefferson High, with Lawson playing a significant role in her commitment. Lawson’s belief in her, even when she doubted herself, means a lot to Jackson.

    Jackson’s basketball legacy

    Last week, Ashlon Jackson was named a McDonald’s All-American, a highly prestigious honor in high school basketball. Jackson had dreamt of receiving this award since childhood and even created vision boards about it during elementary school. When asked about the significance of the award for her basketball legacy, she expressed,

    “This award meant the world to me. Hearing Kendrick Perkins announce it and witnessing the enthusiastic reaction from the entire gym was an unbelievable experience.”

    Ironically, at that moment, she didn’t feel shocked when she received the reward. Her daily hard work behind the scenes paid off exactly as she had hoped. In fact, she vividly described a life-changing moment. During the Adidas Championship, her team’s success hinged on her performance. She approached the game with meticulous attention to detail, minimizing turnovers and securing a resounding victory. It was at that instant she realized her potential for greatness. The responsibility now rested on her shoulders to live up to it.

    “Pressure is a privilege,” passionately declared Jackson. “Not everyone is cut out for it, not everyone can handle that level of pressure.”

    Ashlon Jackon’s life exceeds the game of basketball

    One might assume that Jackson’s life mission is to become the greatest basketball player ever, but it goes beyond that. Her true aspiration is to excel not only as an athlete but also as a person. Basketball has granted her valuable and enduring connections with others. Ashlon takes great pleasure in helping and engaging with people.

    In fact, her plans include studying sports marketing with a minor in accounting at Duke starting next fall. She aims to achieve success and then help others who lack opportunities, making a profound impact on their lives and families by opening doors for them.

    In conclusion, Ashlon Jackson imparts remarkable advice to aspiring young athletes and anyone who finds inspiration in her story.

    “Always pursue what you love, regardless of the circumstances,” Jackson emphasized. “At the end of it all, you are the only person who will lie inside that casket. Basketball is my sanctuary and calling—it’s about discovering your own peace and happiness. Only then can you truly experience and enjoy life.”

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