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    World Premiere: Sebastian Reynoso “Bold”

    The new sound of the future is officially here!!! The talented artist known as Sebastian Reynoso, is back with a video for his newest single “Bold”. His instant vibes can be compared to none other. The 17-year-old phenom made it into the spotlight from being a notable producer in Sin City. There’s nowhere but up, for this artist who bring’s an unmatched energy onto every track that he touches.

    His father, relates an instance from a time when Sebastian lived next door to Rock ‘n Roll legend Dee Dee Ramone and family. The great bassist was reportedly chatting with young Sebastian in the hallway as he loved to do before heading off to a session or a show and on this occasion asked, ‘So, what are you up to today?” With music and stars already dancing in his head, the dreamy-eyed four-year-old didn’t lose a beat as he responded matter-of-factly with a simple, ‘Oh, I have to go rehearse with my band – the Queens of The Stone Age.’ -!!
    Sebastian Reynoso Bold 1
    Sebastian Reynoso and Azul’s hottest new single, ‘BOLD’, is a definite game-changer and something the culture is already thankful for. Bringing elements from the electronic music field, the dance world and the modern club scene together, “BOLD” immerses the listener in a lush yet perfectly sparse soundscape, and infuses a mixture of soul-felt lyrics with a creamy, indulgent beat that you will feel guilty of how many times you can reply it. Sebastian Reynoso and Azul Wynter – talent with a capital T!

    Check out Sebastian Reynoso’s latest video “Bold”:

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