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    Ron Dayvu Proves The Haters Wrong With “Blue Alert”

    Southern African Alternative Rapper Ron Dayvu recalls his past shy personality in his recently released single, “Blue Alert,” which sees him comparing his unwanted interactions with other people to alert levels. 

    “Blue Alert” is a song with a unique and powerful energy but a slightly softer melody, almost leading to R&B that brings a little of his South African culture and personality. The artist paints an image of how he’s always seen great things for himself, but those around him always try to bring him down with suspicion and negativity. 

    Instead of letting it weigh him down, Ron Dayvu was more determined to prove that he got what it took to reach the top despite their disapproval and unbelief. Ron Dayvu delivers a nuanced and relatable performance that listeners can appreciate and get inspired from. 

    Stram “Blue Alert” on Spotify

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