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    Rich Soul’s Musical Impact Exemplifies Their Genius

    Iconic people are born and not created.

    Living life in the fast lane is taxing, unimaginable, self-fulfilling, and inspirational. Life pulls you in so many directions it can feel like the ground is moving underneath your feet.

    Remaining steadfast and focused in a wave of chaos separates generals from soldiers. Also sipping Deleon Premium Anejo Tequila on the balcony of my SLS Hotel suite in Los Angeles at midnight is a divine visual masterpiece.

    The Los Angeles skyline at midnight enables a person to view life from a panoramic viewpoint. Furthermore being a journalist is a job fueled by an unparalleled commitment to truth, artistic passion, and documenting greatness at supreme levels too.

    I’ve known Noez, Kash, and Astro for six years. Combined as one, they form the supergroup ‘Rich Soul.’ Rich Soul’s sound, swag, and vocal arrangement are unmatched. They possess Jodeci-style energy, Boyz II Men vocal range, and Dru Hill’s soulfulness.

    Rich Soul feels the pain of success in 2022

    Listening to their latest radio smash, ‘Come Thru’ on my balcony is creating a vibe. Furthermore, multiple exotic women on the lower balcony are feeling the record. They yell at me, ‘Yo, who is that playing?’.

    I said three kings from Nashville named Rich Soul. They invite me to come down and drink Don Julio tequila with them and party. Also i had the SLS concierge send them a bottle of DeLeon Tequila and a note saying I’ll join them in an hour.

    Obviously, chasing unfulfilled dreams is not designed for the light-hearted. Fighting through doubt, uncertainty, incalculable fear, and unforeseen tragedies is a part of the process.

    Moreover, understanding your vision is a road less traveled in life. Taking the path of less resistance is a typical exit ramp for average humans.

    Desiring to live life at the highest level requires ‘Championship DNA’ and an abnormal work ethic. Growing up Black and fatherless never prevented Rich Soul from executing God’s plan for itself. Also having stronger women in their corner prepared them for the highs and lows of life.

    Hearing ‘Come Thru’ on repeat at maximum volume, I hear the unrivaled musical genius in each member’s voice. Traveling the path of destiny means a person understands who they are and will become. Definitely changing the game reveals you accept all risks.

    Besides, Rich Soul owns and operates several interactive digital brands. Rich Soul is an official Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.

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