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    Rapper Suigeneris Returns With His Next Hit Banger “Homicide”

    When it comes to Suigeneris, the teenage rapper, has all the bravado and energy a star rapper needs. Since spitting his very first bar at age 14, the Mexican rapper has been on the fast track to success. One of his debut singles “Pull Up” racked in 1.6 million views on YouTube alone. The song even helped rapper Suigeneris score a collaboration with Landon Cube who took the Mexican star on his first tour. From then on, Suie worked with other stars like Lil Skies. Furthermore, their collaborative single “Now” brought in millions of Spotify streams and YouTube views. Additionally, Suie’s newest track “Song” even skyrocketed. It just goes to show that the teenager has major, OG skills.

    Recently, the viral rap star returned to the SoundCloud rap scene with his new track “Homicide.” The track reminds us all why he’s the next on-the-rise star.

    Suigeneris Taps Into His Dark Side

    Suigeneris knows how to make legit bangers. His newest offering “Homicide” definitely comes as a catchy track, with a nice beat. Not to mention, he chose a pretty bold title for the track. There’s no doubt it’ll raise a lot of eyebrows. Furthermore, the rapper combines his signature melodies with his dark side. Throughout much of the song, Suie flexes on his lifestyle in the come up game; bragging about everything from his gun arsenal to his womanizing ways.

    In the music video, we find Suie in his natural habit as he spits verses in the club and back at the studio surrounded by his crew. Also, the dim lighting throughout the clip just further adds to the darker nature of the song. As Beyoncé once said, Suie’s on “Demon Time.”

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    Suigeneris via Pinterest

    There’s no doubt that the Mexican star Suigeneris has his rap career in the bag. He releases one hit track after another and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. His new track “Homicide” already amassed 4K views on YouTube and thousands more on streaming platforms. The rap prodigy is always hard at work in the studio, cooking up his next biggest hit. Be sure to check out more music by SoundCloud’s hottest rapper Suigeneris.


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