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    Rap Songs About Being Afraid Of The Illuminati

    There’s plenty to fear. Though the Illuminati might be a cultural myth, it clearly exists as a concept for many rappers. Check out how the Illuminati has been influencing rap music for decades with the HypeFresh playlist.

    1. Love is All That Matters

    “Dirty mind and tap water consumin’ yo’ body!” Public Enemy is the Illuminati’s original nemesis. They were never too afraid to belt the truth.

    2. Let the Truth be Known

    Immortal Technique thinks there’s more behind the true story of September 11, 2001. It came out in 2003 and yet he mentions many conspiracies that still plague American society to this day. It makes sense considering the thesis of the song, “The New World Order was born on September 11th!”

    3. Humble Brag

    At this point, many rappers have referenced the Illuminati. It isn’t only the proudest or even the loudest. Childish Gambino is a self-proclaimed modern-day blerd. That explains his cryptically subtle nod, “Sick Boi forever, that Suburban Illuminati!”

    4. My Brain Left

    “You know, I graduated summa cum laude! That’s why they thinkin’ I’m Illuminati!” Many rappers have been accused of being members of the Illuminati. It begs the question that if the Illuminati is in fact real, what does the organization actually stand for?

    5. What Kind of Love is Your Love?

    “Illuminati, I’m not!” Rhapsody asserts who she stands by. That is of course Africa, one love, and making people feel good.

    6. I’ma Handle Mine

    “I don’t gotta join Illuminati just to get a new Bugatti!” For the truly pure of heart, name-dropping the Illuminati merely presents a juxtaposition. Wale and his crew illustrate this concept.

    7. Your Ship Sinking

    “Fear Illuminatis!” Rather than a reflection of sentiments, this track is a freestyle. According to Genius, “this is Lupe’s freestyle over the beat to Rick Ross’s “BMF (Blowin’ Money Fast)”.

    8. Jay-Z, D’evil Can You Save Me?

    Many claim Jay-Z is a member of The Illuminati. What is The Illuminati anyway? If it is the system set up to keep all minorities miserable, doesn’t Jay-Z use his voice to speak up against the system?

    Is ignorance bliss? Or, do you find yourself fearful of what you don’t understand? Let us know by leaving a comment!


    1. When people speak out against such matters or related matters, they usually have short careers/lifespans. When it’s in fact, “announced” or implied through song lyrics (and other media entertainment) it is often a form of soft disclosure- meaning, they are part of the matter and putting it out there. It’s also a method of communication utilized in order to impact the will of any individual. As in, “We told you so and you still allowed it.” The system is not necessarily set up solely against minorities… wake up- we are all slaves to the system. Some groups of folks are simply just waking up to the matter. Hopefully it’s not too late to steer the ship around. But then again, it could all be a bunch of bull crap and thus, remember the real truth that this human experience really is all just one big fat illusion after all.

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