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    Remy Ma Says Everyone Is Afraid Of Her Pen Game

    Rappers love boasting about being the baddest rap star on the hip hop scene. While very few can actually live up to their own hype, others back up their claims. For instance, Remy Ma has earned the reputation of being one of the fiercest female emcees from Bronx, NY. She’s also one of the first female rappers to work with Fat Joe’s record label group, Terror Squad. Not only that, but she’s worked with some GOAT rap stars, such as Jay-Z and Nas, including Big Pun himself. While having worked with a lot of big names in the industry, she also has a solid pen game. Now the rapper claims that everyone is afraid of her rhyming skills.

         Her Pen Game Scares away The Competition

    pen game
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    Clearly, Remy Ma’s reputation precedes her. During an interview on Big U’s Checc’n podcast, the Terror Squad rapper claimed that her pen game scares fellow rappers, especially female emcees.

    “They know. Nobody don’t play with me. Even guys. People call me and they’re like, ‘You need to do some features.’ No girl wants to do a song with me. Especially if she up!” the “All The Way Up” rap star said on the podcast.

    Apparently, Remy Ma spits some impressive bars if she believes other female rappers fear her. Though, the rap star claims it’s not just the women who fear her pen game but men as well. Looks like Remy Ma has all her peers scared straight.

                             Remy Ma Takes on Acting

    pen game
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    Now that Remy Mas has proven that she’s the baddest female rapper on the scene, she’s eager to do the same on the big screen as well. Earlier this year, the “Money Showers” rapper made her acting debut in the BET+ film American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty-The Delronda Hood Story. Moreover, Remy Ma played the starring role of the real-life Detroit queenpin Delronda Hood. While her acting career has taken off, fans are looking forward to hearing new music from the rapper.

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