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    R&B singer Donell Jones Counts His Lucky Stars

    Life can take us down some tough and unforgiving roads. On the other hand, certain experiences make us learn from our mistakes. Recently, R&B singer Donell Jones received one of life’s many teachable moments after experiencing a near-fatal car crash. The crooner counts his lucky stars after walking away unscathed from the accident. 

    Donell Jones Counting His Lucky Stars


    As mentioned before, Donell Jones found himself cheating death after a recent car accident. The Life Goes On star took to Instagram on Tuesday to share that he crashed his Mercedes-Benz into a ditch after falling asleep behind the wheel. Furthermore, Jones posted photos of his luxury car stranded in the ditch by the side of the road.

    The police often warn us about driving behind the wheel while drunk. In Jones’ case, though, he might want to start taking naps throughout the day before getting behind the wheel. Nonetheless, the experience definitely taught the singer a very valuable lesson, one that he won’t be repeating any time soon. Fortunately, Jones walked away without sustaining any injuries.

    In his Instagram post, he wrote in the captions, “I feel secure in knowing I am protected, but I truly needed this experience. Grateful, God, for always embracing me in your loving arms.” In any case, he’s counting his lucky stars.

    The HipHop Community Reaches Out To Him

    Donell Jones
    via SoundCloud

    Additionally, Jones received supportive messages from fans and the HipHop community alike on his post. Everyone from Da Brat, David Banner, Lyfe Jennings, Jacquees and D-Nice expressed their relief that he’s doing fine. “Dam yo. I’m glad you’re ok,” Da Brat commented, while D-Nice wrote: “Bro. Glad you’re ok.” Donell Jones knows how bad of an accident the car crash could’ve been. The guy definitely learned his lesson.

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