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    Quilly’s “Haines And Money” Challange Pops Off

    Philly’s Driving The Boat

    When Cassanova started the #SoBrooklynChallenge back in Fall 2019, the internet went nuts. Rappers from all over the country started to partake and underground MC’s were obtaining national notoriety for their talents. But out of all the places that partook, Philly was the one that took home the gold in the Brooklyn born contest. So it only made sense that Philly’s own Quilly decided to embrace the idea and create a challenge of his own. On December 19th, Quilly took to Instagram and announced that he was starting the “Haines and Money” Challenge.

    How It Works

    If anyone wants to participate all they have to do is follow these simple instructions.

    1. Spit a freestyle over Quilly’s “Haines and Money” instrumental
    2. Put his Instagram Accounts @darealquilly and @quillyqpac followed by the hashtag #hainesandmoneychallenge in your post

    Just like the #SoBrooklynChallenge, Quilly is giving underground artists with talent an opportunity to show off their skills, and make a name for themselves. If you can spit a nice 16, you’ll be fine and might even pick up some buzz to help boost your career. If your freestyle is trash, however, it either won’t get posted or you will get clowned. So long story short, make sure you bring your A-game if you want to partake in this challenge.

    What do you guys think of the “Haines and Money” Challenge? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Let us know what future content you would like to see us cover. And as always, have a good day.

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