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    Quavo recently released a new song titled ‘greatness’ and in it he talks about takeoff and ends all hopes that the migos group is going to reunite.

    The song comes months after takeoff was killed outside a bowling alley. This marks the second time that quavo has dedicated a song to his late nephew and he is paying tribute to him with this new track.

    What is quavo new song ’greatness’ about?

    Quavo has shared a new song dedicated to his late nephew and fellow Migos member Takeoff. The rapper was shot and killed outside a bowling alley in November, and this month saw Quavo release a second tribute track for his late friend, “Without You.”

    On the new single, called “greatness,” Quavo pays his respects to Takeoff, as well as addressing the future of the group following his death. It’s an uplifting record that celebrates perseverance and determination through hard work.

    The Chris Dvon-directed video starts with Quavo perusing his collection of jewelry and U.S. currency, before he reaps the fruits of his labor by driving in a luxury car and sporting flashy jewelry.

    In the record, Quavo raps about how his rise to success was achieved by his hard work and dedication. He also reminisces about how he and Takeoff swept the rap game with their motherfuckin’ flow, and he encourages people to never give up.

    Who is takeoff?

    Takeoff was one of the three members of the Migos group and he was very popular among music fans. He was very good at rapping and had many hits with his group.

    He had also a solo album which was very good and this album made him famous.

    It was very popular and he had reached the number 1 position in the US music charts. It was the best ever.

    His album was very good and it had a lot of hit songs in it.

    The members of the Migos had a close relationship and they were very good friends with each other.

    They thought of each other as brothers.

    Quavo, Offset and Takeoff were very good friends with each other and they had many hit songs in their music.

    The Migos group was very popular and it was a very good group. The members of the group were very good friends with each other and they were very good at rapping.

    Is the migos group over?

    The migos group was one of the biggest rap groups in 2013; they were a band of weirdos from Atlanta who combined grim street talk, Twitter memes, delirious metaphors and straight nerd-out references into a quotable sound. Their anything-goes tumult became the soundtrack to parties and in-group hype sessions.

    Unfortunately, their widespread presence was abruptly cut short when Takeoff was fatally shot outside a Houston bowling alley on November 1. The 28-year-old was a bystander in a dice game that escalated into a shootout and murder.

    In the weeks following Takeoff’s death, Quavo released a song dedicated to his late nephew. In it, he discussed his grief over Take’s passing.

    On Wednesday, February 22, Quavo returned with a new single called ‘Greatness’. It marks a second tribute to Takeoff.

    Is quavo hinting at takeoff’s death?

    Quavo is continuing to pay tribute to his late nephew and bandmate Takeoff. On Wednesday, the one-third of the Migos released a new song called “greatness,” which marks his second song dedicated to the late rapper.

    The track, which is produced by DJ Durel, finds the 31-year-old rapper celebrating his group’s legacy while navigating life without Takeoff by his side. It’s a fitting tribute to the Migos member, who was tragically shot and killed last year.

    The tragic incident took place in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday morning (November 1). According to TMZ, Takeoff, 28, was at a private party outside a bowling alley when shots were fired around 2:30 a.m. Two people were rushed to hospital, but Takeoff died on the scene.

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